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Gary Louie passed away in February, 1999. A memorial service was held at LASFS on 28-Feb-1999.

People who spoke at the memorial service: Mike Glyer, Christian McGuire, (Len and June Moffatt), John De Chancie, Charles Lee Jackson II, Hare Hobbs, Glenn Glazer, Beth O'Brien, Shaun Lyon, Joe Zeff, Rebecca Barber, (Matthew B. Tepper), Therri Moore, George Mulligan, Allan Rothstein, Louis Elver-Gray, (Nola Frame-Gray), Terry Karney, Scratch Galloway, Heather Stern, Lucy Stern, Cory Doyle, Ken Porter, Mike Donahue, Michelle Coleman, Hal O'Brien, Ed Skokinsky, Alison Stern, Frank Waller, Linda Daniel, Jim Daniel, Marty Cantor, (Alan Winston), (Robbie Bourget), Sherri Benoun, Joe Fekete, John Hertz, Bruce Louie, Kimberlee Brown. (Parentheses indicate written comments from people who couldn't make it in person.)

Here are some of the people who attended.

0057-1, Shawn Crosby hides behind Colleen Crosby0057-01 (lost: gary01.jpg)
Shawn Crosby hides behind Colleen Crosby
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-2, Mike Donahue, Shawn Crosby0057-02 (lost: gary09.jpg)
Mike Donahue, Shawn Crosby
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-3, Liz Mortensen0057-03 (lost: gary03.jpg)
Liz Mortensen
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-4, Scott Beckstead0057-04 (lost: gary04.jpg)
Scott Beckstead
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-5, Cathy Beckstead0057-05 (lost: gary16.jpg)
Cathy Beckstead.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-6, Tiny0057-06 (lost: gary05.jpg)
Mike "Tiny" Korp
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-7, Kandis Holliday0057-07 (lost: gary06.jpg)
Kandis Holliday
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-8, Tristan Anderson0057-08 (lost: gary07.jpg)
Tristan Anderson
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-9, Heather Stern0057-09 (lost: gary08.jpg)
Heather Stern
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-10, Alison Stern0057-10 (lost: gary13.jpg)
Alison Stern
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0057-11, Lucy Stern0057-11 (lost: gary14.jpg)
Lucy Stern
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

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