ConDor 7 (Feb-1999)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Laurie J. Lahr for caption help on this page.

0054-1, Blars0054-01

0054-2, James Hay0054-3, James Hay
0054-02 (lost: cdor11.jpg), 0054-03 (lost: cdor12.jpg).
James Hay

0054-4, Keith Thompson and friend0054-04 (lost: cdor13.jpg)
Keith Thompson, Lynn Maudlin.

0054-5, Lisa (Huggy) Taylor0054-05 (lost: cdor14.jpg)
Lisa Taylor (Huggy)

0054-6, Laurie Lahr0054-06 (lost: cdor15.jpg)
Laurie J. Lahr as Xena, Warrior Princess. "I won Best Hall Costume with this costume that year." --Laurie  J. Lahr
(Thursday 17-Apr-2003)

0054-7, David W. Scraggs, Robert Evans0054-07
David W. Scraggs (as Leto Dragonetti), Robert Evans.

"Squeek" posted on our message board: "In a fit of boredom, I was doing a search on literally everyone I have ever known, and lo and behold up pops a link to a picture here. Always wondered what happened to Mr. Scraggs. Of course, very little explains that hat." (14-Jun-2001)

0054-8, Serena Lahr0054-08 (lost: cdor17.jpg)
Serena Lahr.

0054-9, Liz, Mike, Ed0054-09 (lost: cdor18.jpg)
Liz Mortensen, Mike Glyer, Ed Green at Loscon 26 table.

0054-10, Liz and Mike0054-10 (lost: cdor19.jpg)
Liz Mortensen, Mike Glyer, at Loscon 26 table.

0054-11, Rod O'Riley0054-11 (lost: cdor20.jpg)
Rod O'Riley