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Darwin Stanley Pluta was born in December 1998. His first public appearance was on 27-Feb-1999, in San Pedro.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0049-1, Darwin Stanley Pluta0049-2, Darwin0049-3, Darwin0049-4, Darwin0049-5, Darwin
0049-01 (lost: baby41.jpg), 0049-02 (lost: baby76.jpg), 0049-03 (lost: baby78.jpg), 0049-04 (lost: baby80.jpg), 0049-05 (lost: baby84.jpg).
The many moods of Darwin Stanley Pluta.

0049-6, Carol and Darwin0049-7, Carol and Darwin
0049-06 (lost: baby49.jpg), 0049-07 (lost: baby50.jpg).
Carol Kawamura and Darwin

0049-8, Derek Kawamura0049-08 (lost: baby47.jpg)
Derek Kawamura.

0049-9, Stan Pluta0049-09 (lost: baby43.jpg)
Stan Pluta.

0049-10, Stan and Darwin0049-11, Stan and Darwin0049-12, Stan and Darwin
0049-10 (lost: baby58.jpg), 0049-11 (lost: baby56.jpg), 0049-12 (lost: baby57.jpg).
Stan Pluta and his son Darwin Stanley Pluta.

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