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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to James M. Briggs for caption help on this page.

0046-30046-03 (lost: lasfs01.jpg)
Steven Libis at LASFS (Mar-1999).

0046-40046-04 (lost: lasfs03.jpg)
John Blood, Glenn Glazer at LASFS (Mar-1999).

0046-5, Sandy0046-05 (lost: lasfs04.jpg)
Sandy Cohen at LASFS (Mar-1999).

0046-6, Bill, Anne0046-06 (lost: lasfs05.jpg)
Bill Ellern and Anne Morrel in the front row at LASFS, Sherri Benoun and Tony Benoun in the row behind them. (Mar-1999)

0046-70046-07 (lost: lasfs06.jpg)
Ed Green at LASFS (Mar-1999).

Jim Briggs at a NASFiC 1999 meeting held at LASFS.

0046-90046-09 (lost: jimb1.jpg)
Jim Briggs, Adam Tilghman at a NASFiC 1999 meeting held at LASFS.

Unknowns in left row. John Blood, Steffnee Peterman, unknown, and Rebecca Barber in next row. Diana Dougherty (in front of display case), Peggy Little, Michael Thorsen (in the back corner), Suze Campagna, Jim Terry, and Elayne Pelz's elbow. (Dec-1999)
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0046-12, Michael Thorsen, Suze, Jim Terry0046-12 (lost: lasfs35.jpg)
Michael Thorsen, Suze Campagna, Jim Terry. (Dec-1999)

0046-1, Liz0046-2, Liz
0046-01 (lost: lizm001.jpg), 0046-02.
Liz Mortensen, LASFS treasurer, on two different nights. (Dec-1999)

0046-13, Shaun0046-13 (lost: shaun20.jpg)
Shaun Lyon. (Dec-1999)

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