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Making Jell-O

0732-01 (lost: jello01.jpg), 0732-02 (lost: jello02.jpg).
Boil your water - two cups for a large box of Jell-O - and mix in the Jell-O powder, stirring until it's completely dissolved. (Mar-1998)

0732-30732-03 (lost: jello03.jpg)
If you're using a mould of some sort, make sure they're clean, and then wipe them out with a paper towel moistened with vegetable oil. (Mar-1998)

0732-04 (lost: jello04.jpg), 0732-05 (lost: jello05.jpg).
Pour the liquid into a smaller measuring cup (with a spout) before attempting to pour it into tiny holes. (Mar-1998)

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