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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0112-1, This Old Roof0112-2, Tearing off the Roof0112-3, Tearing off the Roof0112-4, Tearing off the Roof0112-5, Tearing off the Roof0112-6, Tearing off the Roof
0112-01 (lost: roof025.jpg), 0112-02 (lost: roof026.jpg), 0112-03 (lost: roof027.jpg), 0112-04 (lost: roof030.jpg), 0112-05 (lost: roof031.jpg), 0112-06.
This Old Roof. That's our truck parked in front of the house.
Tearing off the Roof

0112-7, Lynn with an old shingle0112-8, An old shingle0112-9, The old shingles
0112-07 (lost: roof028.jpg), 0112-08 (lost: roof029.jpg), 0112-09 (lost: roof034.jpg).
Lynn Baden holding one of the original shingles. (The house was built in 1967.) It turns out they weren't dark green - there was moss growing on them.

0112-10, Roofless!0112-10 (lost: roof033.jpg)

0112-11, Hole in the ceiling0112-11 (lost: roof035.jpg)
Hole in the ceiling. "We've struck living room!" they cried.

0112-12, Plywood is down, putting on shingles0112-13, Plywood is down, putting on shingles0112-12, 0112-13.
Plywood is down, putting on shingles

0112-14, Our new roof0112-14 (lost: roof038.jpg)
Our new roof, Jan-1998

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