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Bucconeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, was held 5-9 Aug 1998 at the Baltimore Convention Center and a few hotels. Guests of Honor were C.J. Cherryh, Milton A. Rothman, Stanley Schmidt, and Michael Whelan; Toastmaster, Charles Sheffield; special guest, J. Michael Straczynski.

0043-1, Union Station0043-01 (lost: dc111.jpg)
Washington Union Station, platform view - the MARC train to Baltimore is on the left, the Amtrak "Vermonter" is on the right.
(Monday 03-Aug-1998)

0043-2, Camden Yards0043-02
"Welcome to Oriole Park at Camden Yards." First building I saw when I got off the train.
(Monday 03-Aug-1998)

0043-3, Balt. Conv. Ctr.0043-4, Balt. Conv. Ctr.0043-5, Balt. Conv. Ctr.
0043-03, 0043-04, 0043-05.
Baltimore Convention Center, part of it anyway, which will be used for the Dealers Room. All these pictures were taken Monday 03-Aug-1998.
(Monday 03-Aug-1998)

0043-6, Union Crew0043-7, Union Crew
0043-06 (lost: union21.jpg), 0043-07.
Two union workers. The Baltimore Convention Center requires union crews.
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(Monday 03-Aug-1998)

0043-8, Stroller0043-08
Alan Dashoff guarding Danielle Atwood Allen (age 6 mo), at set-up on 03-Aug-1998 in the Baltimore Convention Center.
(Monday 03-Aug-1998)

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