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0042-1, Internet Lounge0042-01

0042-2, Internet Lounge0042-02
Bucconeer Internet Lounge, organized by Maria Stroffolino.

0042-3, I-950042-03
Does I-95 really run through the Convention Center?

0042-4, USPS0042-04
The U.S. Postal Service had a kiosk open from 1-6 pm, Wed-Sun, during the convention. A special cancellation designed by Michael Whelan was available.

0042-5, Teddy Harvia0042-05
Teddy Harvia with a bird on his head. At left, Diana Thayer, his wife, wears a matching shirt.

0042-6, John Hertz0042-06
Laughing John Hertz, with propellor beanie.

0042-7, Chaz with burden0042-07
Last picture taken in Baltimore. Chaz Boston Baden, about to attempt to make my way to the light rail station (and thence the airport) on foot.

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