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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0038-1, Blueprints0038-01
"Ye Olde Shrine Of Ye Holy Blueprints" at the Orlando in 2001 bid party.

0038-2, Rhonda0038-02 (lost: pink49.jpg)
Rhonda Sheffield and two friends at Orlando in 2001 bid party.
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0038-3, Godzilla0038-03
Graffiti Wall at Orlando in 2001 bid party. Godzilla [drawn by Bob Eggleton]. Balloon: roughly, "Hey, they have two legs!" Caption: "Thighs do matter" (in praise of classic Godzilla).

0038-4, Zoob0038-04
Zoob toy dragon at the San Francisco in 2002 bid party.

0038-5, Philly in 20010038-05 (lost: phill47.jpg)
Inexplicable props at the Millennium Philcon bid party.

0038-6, Charles Sheffield0038-06 (lost: balt54.jpg)
Charles Sheffield in pirate garb after the Hugo Awards.

0038-7, Baltimore Eggs0038-07
Baltimore is odd, even without science fiction fans all over the place. One morning the cops drove around with lights and sirens, escorting this one-unit parade. The trailer has three enormous glittery eggs of some kind. It turns out the three eggs "hatched" the Baltimore Ravens (football) mascots Edgar, Allan, and Poe during the pre-season game on Saturday. See also: Story from the Baltimore Sun.

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