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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0036-1, Jenny 0036-10036-2, Jenny 0036-2
0036-01 (lost: jenny71.jpg), 0036-02 (lost: jenny72.jpg).
Jenny Reed.

0036-3, Jenny and Seth0036-4, Jenny and Seth
0036-03 (lost: jenny38.jpg), 0036-04 (lost: jenny39.jpg).
Jenny Reed and Seth Rosenberg.

"I am an old friend of Jenny's, and lost contact with her when I moved to Japan in 2000. I'm originally from Maryland (I was also on staff for Worldcon 1998, helping run the anime room), and found your page when I did a search on Jenny. :) If you can get me in contact with her, I'd really appreciate it." (Richard "Pocky" Kim, March 2008)

0036-5, Jenny's House0036-05 (lost: jenny31.jpg)
Jenny's parents' house in Baltimore.

0036-6, Annette0036-06 (lost: lotz33.jpg)
Annette Lotz, dressed as a vampire telepath.

0036-7, Filthy Pierre0036-07
Erwin S. Strauss ("Filthy Pierre").

0036-8, Steve Davies0036-08 (lost: davis37.jpg)
Steve Davies.

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