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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0033-1, Washington Obelisk0033-01 (lost: dc101.jpg)
Washington Monument.

0033-2, Mystery Building0033-02 (lost: dc102.jpg)
An anonymous-looking building in Washington. They look like smoked-glass windows, but they're actually bricked-up and painted.

0033-3, Capitol0033-03 (lost: dc103.jpg)

0033-4, Statue of Garfield0033-04 (lost: dc104.jpg)

0033-5, Packard0033-6, Packard0033-05, 0033-06.
John Lawry, Lars Suneborn, and a Packard.

0033-7, Floodgates0033-07 (lost: dc109.jpg)
These pillars are for floodgates. Note the grooves in the sides. When the spring thaw threatens to overflow the Potomac, they raise the walls up those grooves. Meanwhile, the restaurants and bars and shops on the other side stay open for business, with people partying and shopping as the waters rise...

0033-8, Staring at the ceiling0033-08 (lost: dc110.jpg)
View of the ceiling of the rooftop restaurant at the Key Bridge Marriott. It's painted black, studded with lots of little lights (possibly miniature xmas lights) to make a "sky" effect at night. A lot more attractive in person than my poor snapshot makes it out to be.

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