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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0032-1, Ellen Vandover, Miya Fujimoto0032-01 (lost: cdr6_85.jpg)
Ellen Vandover, Miya Fujimoto at the dance party

0032-2, Salomon Rojas and Miya Fujimoto0032-02 (lost: cdr6_93.jpg)
Salomon Rojas and Miya Fujimoto

0032-3, Michaela Nastasia0032-03 (lost: cdr6_86.jpg)
Michaela Nastasia

0032-4, Monica Boyd, Dwayne Struble0032-04 (lost: cdr6_87.jpg)
Monica Boyd, Dwayne Struble

0032-5, Keith Thompson as a moose0032-05 (lost: cdr6_88.jpg)
Keith Thompson as a moose, courtesy Kate Morgenstern's gloves

0032-6, Colleen Kelly Burks, Laurie MacDonald0032-06 (lost: cdr6_89.jpg)
Colleen Kelly Burks, Laurie MacDonald. [The yellow tag on Colleen's badge says "Laurie MacDonald Fan Club." By the end of the convention there was even a Klingon chapter of the Laurie MacDonald Fan Club.]

0032-7, David Clark0032-07 (lost: cdr6_92.jpg)
David Clark

0032-8, Didgeridoo0032-08 (lost: cdr6_94.jpg)
"IMAW" on Didgeridoo

0032-9, James Hay0032-10, Dr. K.A.Boom
0032-09 (lost: cdr6_34.jpg), 0032-10 (lost: cdr6_95.jpg).
James Hay as Techno-Mage; James Hay as Dr. K.A. Boom, Senior Rocket Scientist. (Jim, shouldn't the Yoyodyne badge say Dr. John Kaboom?)

0032-11, Mutant Hot Fudge Sundae from Daily's0032-11
Mutant Hot Fudge Sundaes from Daily's in La Jolla, on the road home.

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