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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0027-1, Carla Kozeluh, Jim Wadman0027-01 (lost: cdr6_39.jpg)
Carla Kozeluh, Jim Wadman

0027-2, Paul Anthony0027-02 (lost: cdr6_40.jpg)
Paul Anthony

0027-3, Shannah Linker0027-4, Rachael Linker
0027-03 (lost: cdr6_41.jpg), 0027-04 (lost: cdr6_42.jpg).
Shannah Linker with skunk tail, and her sister Rachael Linker.

0027-5, Jim Briggs0027-05 (lost: cdr6_43.jpg)
Jim Briggs

0027-6, Fred Patten0027-06 (lost: cdr6_44.jpg)
Fred Patten

0027-7, Lisa (Huggy) Taylor0027-07 (lost: cdr6_45.jpg)
Lisa Taylor (Huggy)

0027-8, Mike Moscoe0027-08 (lost: cdr6_47.jpg)
Mike Moscoe

0027-9, David Svoboda0027-09 (lost: cdr6_48.jpg)
David Svoboda. "Hookt on Fonix rilly workt fer Mee!"

0027-10, Mead of Northern Lynx0027-11, Kathleen Tolley
0027-10 (lost: cdr6_49.jpg), 0027-11 (lost: cdr6_50.jpg).
Mead and Kathleen Tolley at the Northern Lynx table

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