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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0026-1, Rosie the Riveter0026-2, Rosie the Riveter with Tattoo0026-3, Colleen Crosby at lunch
0026-01, 0026-02, 0026-03 (lost: cdr6_60.jpg).
Colleen Crosby as Rosie the Riveter. Note the "Father" tattoo.

0026-4, Shawn Crosby0026-04 (lost: cdr6_59.jpg)
Shawn Crosby

0026-5, Elaine Rose0026-05 (lost: cdr6_32.jpg)
Elaine Rose

0026-6, Nancy Klauschie0026-7, A Friend in Knead
0026-06 (lost: cdr6_36.jpg), 0026-07 (lost: cdr6_35.jpg).
A Friend in Knead: Nancy Klauschie

0026-8, Chaz Boston Baden0026-9, Chaz Boston Baden0026-10, Chaz Boston Baden self-portrait
0026-08 (lost: cdr6_14.jpg), 0026-09, 0026-10 (lost: cdr6_37.jpg).
Chaz Boston Baden, in and out of costume. Note that in the morning. I had to bend over to get my shoulders wet. In the self-portrait, Pearl Stickler is off on the side.

0026-11, Pearl Stickler0026-11 (lost: cdr6_38.jpg)
Pearl Stickler

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