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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0025-1, Late Night Mah Jongg Game0025-01 (lost: cdr6_24.jpg)
Late Night Mah Jongg Game: Dianna Hildreth, Scott Norton, Bruce Pelz, and one other

0025-2, Bruce Pelz0025-3, Bruce Pelz, VERIP Books
0025-02, 0025-03 (lost: cdr6_46.jpg).
Bruce Pelz, VERIP Books

0025-4, The Goliards in Concert0025-04
The Goliards in Concert

0025-5, Barry Gold0025-05 (lost: cdr6_26.jpg)
Barry Gold playing.

0025-6, Lee Gold0025-06 (lost: cdr6_27.jpg)
Lee Gold singing along on the floor.

0025-7, David and Jane Mailander0025-07 (lost: cdr6_28.jpg)
David Mailander, Jane Mailander.

0025-8, Jane Mailander0025-08 (lost: cdr6_19.jpg)
Jane Mailander.

0025-9, Beth Holley with knife and chocolate kiss0025-10, Beth Holley with bandaged thumb0025-11, Beth Holley
0025-09 (lost: cdr6_29.jpg), 0025-10 (lost: cdr6_33.jpg), 0025-11 (lost: cdr6_90.jpg).
Beth Holley with knife and chocolate kiss; with bandaged thumb; and with signature on her tummy [Robert Trebor's autograph].

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