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Not pictured: Pam Castillo, Harry Meyer, Stephanie Mortimer, Robert Rose, Terry L. Smith, Jefferson Swycaffer. I took pictures, but they didn't turn out.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0023-1, Chris Weber0023-01 (lost: cdr6_03.jpg)
Chris Weber.

0023-2, Karen Willson0023-02 (lost: cdr6_02.jpg)
Karen Willson

0023-3, Friend of Karen Willson0023-03 (lost: cdr6_04.jpg)
[Friend of Karen Willson.]
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0023-5, Kat Hedges0023-05 (lost: cdr6_61.jpg)
Kat Hedges.

0023-6, Marc Wilson0023-06 (lost: cdr6_06.jpg)
Marc Wilson

0023-7, Bridgett Garrahy Torrence and Harry Torrence0023-07 (lost: cdr6_08.jpg)
Bridgett Garrahy Torrence and Harry Torrence.

0023-11, Mako the Ferret0023-11 (lost: cdr6_01.jpg)
Mako the Ferret.

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