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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0020-1, Kelly Freas0020-01 (lost: hug039.jpg)
Kelly Freas (Jan-1998)

0020-2, Hugger House0020-02 (lost: hug040.jpg)
Allison Hershey, someone in the middle, and Mike Sheffield at Hugger House (Jan-1998).
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0020-3, Greg0020-03 (lost: hug041.jpg)
Greg Hemsath at Hugger House, with rose. Jan-1998

0020-4, Rebecca and Friend0020-04 (lost: hug042.jpg)
Gregg Reynante and Rebecca Barber at Hugger House (Jan-1998).

0020-5, Hugger House0020-05 (lost: hug044.jpg)
Hugger House (Jan-1998). Back row: Laura Freas and Kelly Freas. Middle: Glenn Glazer, Jeremy Bloom, Tim Cadell. Front: Susan Trevaskis and Rhonda Sheffield.

0020-6, Greg and Janis0020-06 (lost: hug046.jpg)
Greg Hemsath, Janis Olson, Hugger House (Jan-1998)

0020-7, Foss0020-07 (lost: hug048.jpg)
Richard Foss at Hugger House (Jan-1998)

0020-8, Glen Olson0020-08 (lost: hug049.jpg)
Glen Olson at Hugger House (Jan-1998)

0020-9, Rebecca and Friend0020-09 (lost: hug050.jpg)
Gregg Reynante(?) and Rebecca Barber at Hugger House (Jan-1998).

0020-10, Tim Cadell0020-10 (lost: hug051.jpg)
Tim Cadell at Hugger House (Jan-1998)

0020-11, Hugger House0020-11 (lost: hug052.jpg)
Susan Trevaskis at Hugger House (Jan-1998).

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