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0194-1, Maria0194-2, Maria0194-01, 0194-02.
Maria Rodriguez as a vamp, before going out onto the streets.

0194-30194-03 (lost: boo005.jpg)
A cute kid dressed as a jack-o-lantern.

0194-40194-04 (lost: boo007.jpg)
Halloween is a night to celebrate popular culture... television-derived, in this case.

0194-50194-05 (lost: boo010.jpg)
The little girl from next door - Dave and Patty's kid.

0194-06 (lost: boo017.jpg), 0194-07 (lost: boo018.jpg).
Maria returns after slogging the streets for sugared treats, and enjoys a soda. I'd been handing out cold drinks to the kids as treats.

0194-08 (lost: boo024.jpg), 0194-09 (lost: boo025.jpg), 0194-10 (lost: boo026.jpg).
Her Royal Haley, a princess we know in the neighborhood.

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