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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Greg Hemsath, Matthew B. Tepper for caption help on this page.

0171-20171-02 (lost: hug094.jpg)
Amber Kessel.

0171-30171-03 (lost: hug095.jpg)
Wolf Foss and Molly (Redifer?).

0171-40171-04 (lost: hug099.jpg)
Wolf Foss, Molly (Redifer?), Glen Olson.

0171-50171-05 (lost: hug096.jpg)
Glen Olson, Janis Olson

0171-60171-06 (lost: hug097.jpg)
Allison Hershey, Jace Foss in background, Tepper's arm in foreground.

0171-70171-07 (lost: hug098.jpg)
Matthew B. Tepper

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