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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0108-1, Cynthia Bruns0108-01 (lost: csuf93.jpg)
Cynthia Bruns, CSUF Librarian.

0108-7, Pat with serape0108-8, Pat with magazine
0108-07 (lost: patwrap.jpg), 0108-08 (lost: patmag.jpg).
Two views of our friend Pat Lawrence.

0108-9, Meaghan0108-09 (lost: meaghan.jpg)
Meaghan Stevenson, Pat's friend.

0108-10, Steve0108-10 (lost: steve01.jpg)
Steve McVickers, Pat's friend.

0108-02 (lost: daj004.jpg), 0108-03 (lost: daj005.jpg).
Gil Johnson at his daughter Debbie's house.

0108-4, Carol Lee0108-04 (lost: cjt008.jpg)
Carol Lee.
(Friday 26-Dec-1997)

0108-5, Cynthia Toohey and Dave Jesch0108-05 (lost: cjt010.jpg)
Cynthia Toohey and Dave Jesch.
(Friday 26-Dec-1997)

0108-6, Dave Jesch0108-06 (lost: cjt007.jpg)
Dave Jesch
(Friday 26-Dec-1997)

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