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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0083-1, Maria in a Santa Hat0083-01
Maria Rodriguez in a Santa Hat (Dec-1997)

0083-2, Xmas Pile0083-02
Pile of presents, at home
(Thursday 25-Dec-1997)

0083-3, Xmas0083-03
Xmas, 31-Jan-1998

0083-4, Maria and Bear0083-5, Maria and Bear0083-04, 0083-05.
Maria Rodriguez and Bear .
(Saturday 31-Jan-1998)

0083-6, Elaine and Craig0083-06
Elaine Baden, Craig Eneboe .
(Saturday 31-Jan-1998)

0083-7, Dorothy0083-07 (lost: xmas063.jpg)
Dorothy Bullard
(Saturday 31-Jan-1998)

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