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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0051-1, EPS0051-01
Eric P. Scott

0051-2, Mark0051-02
Marc Wilson

0051-4, Jeanne and Mary Q.0051-5, Jeanne and Mary Q.0051-04, 0051-05.
Jeanne Goldfein and Mary Q. Smith.

0051-6, Kate0051-06 (lost: dor5_56.jpg)
Kate Evans.

0051-7, Barney0051-07
Barney Evans.

0051-8, Mikee0051-08
Mikee Reynante.

0051-9, Knotwork Bag0051-09
Canvas Bag with Knotwork stitched by Mikee.

0051-10, Paul and Bridget0051-10 (lost: dor5_50.jpg)
Paul Carr and Bridget Landry.

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