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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Carlos Ross, Mariel Massoglia, Charles Jarvis, Margaret Grady for caption help on this page.

0045-1, Leprecon, picture 0045-10045-01 (lost: lep014.jpg)
David Hungerford.

0045-2, Leprecon, picture 0045-20045-02 (lost: lep015.jpg)
Mariah Whipple.

0045-3, Karen Kuykendall0045-03 (lost: lep016.jpg)
Karen Kuykendall, the Cat Lady.

0045-4, Leprecon, picture 0045-40045-04 (lost: lep017.jpg)
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0045-5, Leprecon, picture 0045-50045-05 (lost: lep018.jpg)
Paula Lary in her green ball gown.

0045-6, Pete Manly0045-06 (lost: lep021.jpg)
Pete Manly.

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