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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0021-1, Craig0021-01 (lost: dor5_22.jpg)
Craig Miller.

0021-2, Karen0021-02 (lost: dor5_23.jpg)
Karen Willson.

0021-3, Chris0021-03 (lost: dor5_24.jpg)
Chris Weber.

0021-5, Kristine0021-05 (lost: dor5_29.jpg)
Kristine Cherry.

0021-6, Dennis0021-06 (lost: dor5_28.jpg)
Dennis Cherry.

0021-8, Ruth Anne Ladue0021-08
Ruth Anne Ladue

0021-9, James0021-09 (lost: dor5_25.jpg)
James (?) of the IKV Desert Vulture.
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