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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0012-1, Ides of March Cake0012-2, Cake0012-3, Cake
0012-01, 0012-02, 0012-03.
The party was held on St. Patrick's Day weekend, and one of the themes was "The Ides of March." Colleen made this cake in honor of that theme.

0012-4, Kim, Kathryn, Chaz0012-04
Kim Bergdahl, Kat Hedges, Chaz Boston Baden

0012-5, Jeff0012-05
Jeff Bergdahl

0012-6, Jennifer, Andrew0012-06 (lost: party021.jpg)
Jennifer Weaver and Andrew Rich

0012-7, Tristan0012-07 (lost: party025.jpg)
Tristan Anderson.

0012-8, Ky and Louis0012-08
K.V. Moffet and Louis Elver-Gray.

0012-9, Kandis, Andrew, Kathryn0012-09 (lost: party028.jpg)
Kandis Holliday in the chair, Andrew Rich next to her, and Kat Hedges in front.

0012-10, Kathryn0012-10 (lost: party026.jpg)
Kat Hedges.

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