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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Christian B. McGuire. (Sep-1997)

0010-2, Michael Mason0010-02
Michael Mason. (Mar-1997)

0010-3, Liz Mortensen0010-4, Liz Mortensen
0010-03 (lost: lasfs005.jpg), 0010-04.
Liz Mortensen. (Mar-1997)

0010-5, Ken Porter0010-05
Ken Porter. (Mar-1997)

0010-6, Greg Bilan0010-06 (lost: lasfs007.jpg)
Greg Bilan. (Mar-1997)

0010-7, Don Wenner0010-07
Don Wenner. (Mar-1997)

0010-8, Louis Elver-Gray0010-08 (lost: lasfs010.jpg)
Louis Elver-Gray. (Mar-1997)

0010-9, Jeffrey Standsfield0010-09 (lost: lasfs011.jpg)
Jeffrey Standsfield. (Mar-1997)

0010-10, Gamers0010-10 (lost: lasfs012.jpg)
Several fans gaming, including Greg Barrett on the left (in black, with hat), Sean Newton at the end of the table, and Mike Urban on the right (with glasses and thumb up), (Mar-1997)

0010-11, Unknown, caption needed0010-11
Unknown. (Mar-1997)
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0010-12, Greg Barrett0010-12 (lost: lasfs023.jpg)
Greg Barrett showing off the Tra La La Con t-shirt. (May-1997)

0010-13, LASFS Library0010-13
One small portion of the LASFS library. (May-1997)

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