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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0003-10003-01 (lost: hug88.jpg)
Greg Hemsath and Bonnie Long-Hemsath

0003-02 (lost: hug15.jpg), 0003-03 (lost: hug48.jpg), 0003-04 (lost: hug89.jpg).
Bonnie Long-Hemsath

0003-05 (lost: hug18.jpg), 0003-06 (lost: hug28.jpg), 0003-07 (lost: hug65.jpg), 0003-08 (lost: hug87.jpg).
Greg Hemsath (aka Greg Long-Hemsath)

0003-90003-09 (lost: hug42.jpg)
Bonnie's crystals

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