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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Amy Dienhart, Sharie Justice, Liese Maloy for caption help on this page.

0101-1, Prof. Fate0101-2, Fate
0101-01 (lost: fate.jpg), 0101-02.
Professor Fate with his electro-hypnotic helmet, from Loscon 23 (Brian Malion).

0101-3, Janet0101-03
Janet Wilson Anderson, Lensman. (Loscon 23)

0101-4, Kirk and Klingon0101-04 (lost: kirk.jpg)
Shaunn Lawrence and Greg Dienhart as Kirk and the Klingon High Chancellor. (Loscon 23)

0101-5, Pirates0101-05 (lost: pirates.jpg)
Plastic Pirate Girls, from Loscon 23. Shari Land (Rumba Rue) and Tanya Moch, at the time both members of the Port Royal Privateers.

0101-6, Disney0101-06 (lost: disney.jpg)
Girls of the Disney Classics, from Loscon 23. Kathy Pillsbury (Evil Queen), Kim Rose (Belle), Tammy Olsen (Cinderella), Shari Justice (Ariel), Roberta Brubaker (Malificent), Marilyn Irvin (from Hunchback), Sherri Devine (Aurora), Amy Dienhart (Alice), Leslye Wintrob (Mad Madam Mim).

Received a note from Karen Willson on the Message Board on 25-Jul-2002: " Thank you for having these pictures online. It was a great comfort to see a picture of Leslye after getting the news that she died last night after a very long and valiant fight with breast cancer."

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