Old Photos (1986)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0749-10749-01 (lost: popsicle.jpg)
My teddy bear "Popsicle" reading the book "Fletch, Too" by Gregory McDonald while wearing a Chinese hat, a spare pair of wire-framed glasses, and enjoying some Bacardi Rum and some Lindt Truffles, back when I was living in Vista del Lago Apartments in Costa Mesa. If I remember correctly, the polar bear was a gift from Lori Dearman. The hat was a souvenir of China that my parents brought back with them. The rum was left over from my 21st birthday party. (ca. 1986-1987). [Photo by Elaine Vander Linden]