Lynn's Modified 6-hour Chili

Rev. 27-Aug-2007

Based on Brute Force Chili. This recipe has been modified to remove tyramines, alcohol, and other things that Lynn can't have.

Approx 1 hour prep time, 5 to 24 hours cooking time. You really should start this the night before.

Brown these three ingredients with a little oil in a pan or two.

Drain off the fat, then mix EVERYTHING in your pot. If you're starting late (i.e. less than 6 hours before the party), put the crockpot on HIGH; if you're starting the night before, use LOW. Cook all this for at least four hours over a low fire. (A crockpot on HIGH is still pretty low...)

If it's not thick enough, thicken it with flour or cornstarch; if needs to be thinned, add water or beer. I usually let it cook down, i.e. simmer without a lid so that some of the moisture boils away.

Serve with diced onions, shredded cheese, and tortillas or tortilla chips.

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