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Rev. 12-Mar-1998
Chaz Boston Baden,

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I hope that by now you've heard the phrase "Content is King", in talking about web pages. There are a lot of D.C. web pages out there already. I'm selecting a few links to show here, based on what the webitors have provided that is unique to their sites. (See also Episode Guides, below.)

So, if you've got a hankering to be included here, then make sure you write your own thoughts on your page. Think about the show, think about what the characters are doing. Would you want to have XYZ as a friend? Would you want to be XYZ? Why or why not? Talk about their shoes, figuratively speaking, and whether you'd care to walk a mile in them. And yes, I know everyone wants to be Joey... (grin) but think about *why*, okay?

If you've enjoyed my page and want to link it, here's the HTML that you could use to make a little graphical link to Alongside Dawson's Creek.

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Message Boards

They're proliferating like rabbits. Please don't start another D.C. message board - you can link to the first one, it seems to have the most activity. Some of the people posting there even think about what they want to say and why, before posting...

Episode Guides

The sites below have people writing about each episode... and, glutton for punishment that I am, I've itemized everyone's writeup of every episode. Doesn't that sound like fun? Note that I'm not writing episode summaries myself. This page merely links to all the other summaries.

Be sure to check these entry points if you don't see a corresponding individual mention down below. Some of the reviewers, including the Official site, will leave an episode's write-up on their main page for a few weeks before giving it its own URL.

At the official "Ultimate TV" site at
The Dawson Creek by Hunter page features write-ups from the third show on, by Mark Hunter. Hunter has set himself a deadline of Wednesday afternoon for each summary. He also compiles Nielsen Ratings on the page, has a list of WB affiliates (with links to their sites where known), and is compiling lists of the songs played on D.C. with links to video and sound samples on the official web sites. (Now all we need is someone to keep track of the movie references in the show!)
Kathy M.
Kathy's Dawson's Creek Page has some nice summaries, one big fat paragraph each. Kathy Marshall says, "These summaries were not taken from any other site, and should not be reposted on any other site." Right now she's got all of her summaries on one page. (Kathy, if you rearrange 'em onto separate pages would you let me know please?)
Mandy N.
at "Mandy's Dawson Creek Page." Mandy Neville wrote up the first episode in great detail; she's been busy with her schoolwork lately but hopes to get caught up soon.
Mark M.
Mark McLeod's "Up the River" site. Warning: he's not using the studio's episode titles.
Shannon A.
On the "Inside Dawson's Creek" page, Shannon Anania has been writing up each episode, and taking some very perceptive notes.
  • Patrick
    Patrick's site, called A Fan's Site, where he writes up each episode.
    Tony S.
    Tony Shane's "Dedicated to Dawson's Creek" page has an Episode Guide, where he puts up three to eight big beefy paragraphs on each episode. So far he's the quickest one off the mark to update his pages.
    At the "Trouz's Site of Joey" page,, Trouz writes up the episodes concentrating on how they affect Joey. The latest episode's write-up is always available at the "joey.htm" URL.
  • Individual Episodes

    Emotions in Motion
    Official Kathy M. Emily K. Hunter Mark M. Patrick Shannon A. Tony S. Trouz
    Dirty Dancing
    Official Hunter Kathy M. Mark M. Patrick Shannon A. Tony S. Trouz
    A Prelude to a Kiss
    Official Hunter Kathy M. Mark M. Patrick Shannon A. Tony S. Trouz
    Carnal Knowledge
    Official Hunter Kathy M. Mark M. Patrick Shannon A. Tony S. Trouz
    Blown Away
    Hunter Kathy M. Mark M. Patrick Tony S. Trouz Chris Harrop
    Look Who's Talking
    Hunter Patrick Tony S. Trouz
    The Breakfast Club
    Hunter Patrick Trouz
    Escape From New York

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