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100% Whole Wheat Electric Bread

"This recipe works in ALL Bread Machines!"

Regular Loaf

Large Loaf

The secret to making 100% whole wheat bread in a bread machine is an extra knead. Some bread machines come with a special whole wheat cycle to accomplish this task. For those bread machines without a wheat cycle, stop the machine after the first knead is done, reset, and start the machine over again.

Calories 125            Protein 14%
Cholesterol 3.98 mg     Carbohydrates 73%
Sodium 218 mg.          Fat 13%

(Nutritional Information per 2 ounce serving)

Success Hints

If your bread machine typically uses 2 cups of flour, prepare the regular loaf size. If your recipes use 3 cups, make the large loaf size.

Place the ingredients in the bread machine pan as your manufacturer suggests. The yeast should not come in contact with the liquid.

If your market doesn't stock wheat gluten, try your local health food store.

Recipe Developed by Innovative Cooking Enterprises, I.C.E., Inc. Copyright 1992

["Electric Bread" is a 160 page, full-color cookbook with recipes designed to produce quality bread in every bread machine. It is available for purchase at gourmet and retail stores or by calling: 1-800-541-2733]

[Footnote: Stone-Buhr used to offer a cookbook called "Cooking with Gourmet Grains." When I typed in this recipe and put it online in June 1994, I had the instructions for mailing a check to get a copy. They no longer sell the book -- if you really want the book, you'll have to look on eBay or something. They plan on eventually scanning the plates and putting it online. They do have a new "Stone-Buhr Baking Book" coming out at the end of Jan. 2004, which will be available for free with a UPC code. -Chaz, Jan. 2004]

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