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Breakfast Bread

This is a simple white bread recipe that I use in my Bread Machine pretty often. When I realized that just about everything is a variation on "Lean White Bread" (recipe available around here somewhere), but with optional ingredients, I hit some kind of magic epiphany and got a lot less uptight about my bread recipes. It's amazing how much latitude you really have. Throw it in your bread machine, press START.

(The daring leap of faith that I took was when I cut the milk back from 1 1/4 cup to 1 cup, and threw in an egg, on the grounds that an egg is approximately 1/4 cup volume.)

I have the good fortune to have a Half Tablespoon measure, so I don't have to monkey around with a teaspoon and a half-teaspoon. I can use my half-teaspoon (3 times for the sugar) and my 1-cup metal measuring cup (even for the milk) and I don't have to get anything else dirty. Besides the bread machine, that is.

This was the first non-Jell-O recipe I put on my web pages that I didn't first send out on EAT-L/FOODWINE/rec.food.cooking/etc. If you've gotten this far, kindly email me and tell me you found the Hidden Bread Recipe, would you please?

Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden, 13-Sep-1995

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